Get A Home Kit Today!

9 Responses to Get A Home Kit Today!

  1. Patrick Tubridy says:

    Requesting a kit.

  2. Timothy Owens says:

    2 Kits please. One for me. One for my wife.

  3. eddie richardson says:

    how do i request a kit?? i really wanna help out but i dont know how to go about getting a kit. as a matter of fact i dont know much about what to do after i get the kit. i went to the benifit in brooklyn and was touched to see that much support. if you could email me back with some info, than i will email you back my adress. thanks so much!!!!!!!

  4. Matt McKee says:

    Looking to get registered, is there a difference between joining Be The Match Registry and DKMS?

  5. Linda Cavanaugh says:

    b\Bobby…or whoever runs this portion…lost instructions on how to get a kit up here in nbny…or can I go to the new Community Health Center.. Hey can you get them involved if they arent yet? Message me, don’t write on wall, on fb.

  6. Ray Llanes says:

    Bobby, Ray from Miami here I want a kit. I have a place in the city if I am a match I will fly there and donate no problem. Please let me know how to get a mail in kit I want to help any way I can. please let me know.

  7. joe rubino says:

    hey joe the barber here.friend of joey the like to see if im a match for do i get a kit sent to me thats meant for aiden? message me thank u and god bless

  8. Steve McCoy says:

    i would love to donate if im a match . i have young children at home and i would love to help in anyway i can please e-mail me some info on how to get a kit ty in advance

  9. Cristina gandolfo says:

    Requesting a kit

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