Please help Steve and Lee this holiday.

This holiday season we decided to help a family with ALD. These are our friends ( and Posse members!)    Lee and her beautiful son Steve.  Steve has Adrenoleukodystophy. He was diagnosed at 7 and was not eligible for a transplant because his symptoms were too far progressed. Steve was given 3 to 6 months to live. Three months after his diagnosis Steve could no longer walk, talk or see. He is now 13, but because of his condition he needs round the clock care. Steve’s father died soon after his diagnoses. He passed away of a heart attack. Lee is alone taking care of Steve, she gets very little help from Social Security. Steve’s father did not have life insurance and Lee is unable to work and cares for Steve 24/7. Unfortunately, some necessary items are not covered by Medicaid and my hope is to raise enough money to get a new wheelchair for Steve and some other items desperately needed such as a pulse ox machine and a suction machine.  A new custom wheelchair is about $8,000 and Steve is not eligible for a new chair for 4 more years. Although only 13, Steve has grown and doesn’t fit into the wheelchair he currently has.

I asked Lee for permission to share her story! In hopes that we can raise funds for Steve and help him get a new chair.

Below are a few pictures of Steve

755995937Steve at 5 years old


This is Steve 3 months after diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystophy. Steve could not walk nor talk, soon after he lost his sight and went blind.

746101521Steve at 8 years old.

272300149 843649469

Lee and Steve May 2012

I pray that their story touches your heart and that you’ll be kind enough to help.

God Bless You!

Please help us make a difference for Steve and Lee, please click on the PAYPAL button to the top right of this page and feel free to add a message in this section to go along with your donation.

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1 Response to Please help Steve and Lee this holiday.

  1. Nichole says:

    God bless you Lee and Steve. Consider me in your possee!!!! xoxoxo Sassiee

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