WPIX 11 was really awesome to drop in and interview Elisa Seeger and put a segment up the other night on the news, including Senator Adams who’s also been a driving force to help us get AIDAN’S LAW passed. It is still an uphill battle but we are prepared to go all the way. If you’re here now watching this video we hope you’re down with the POSSE and supporting this to become a reality.

Click on the video below to see the segment, and we invite you to share it on your Facebook or Twitter by pressing the small icon on the bottom right corner the video when you’re finished watching.

Click the picture above to watch the video, and kindly wait out the 20 sec. commercial.

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2 Responses to WPIX 11 IS HELPING SPREAD

  1. We MUST have this blood screaning in place!!!! For the memory of Aidan, and for the futule life’s of our next generation. I miss and love ya Aidan!!! To the Seegar’s, the Possee is all behind you!!! And we all love you guys too !!! This video just broke my heart.

  2. Karen Keller says:

    We here in PA and in WV are going to join the fight to have the law passed

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