Keep Signing the Petition

We’ve received over 8,500 signatures to date. We need to get to the goal of 25,000 before September. Please copy and paste and send out to your e-mail lists, Facebook Page, Print it out. We can save some lives.


Thank you for ALL the support.

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1 Response to Keep Signing the Petition

  1. John Tobias says:

    My Grandson has ALD and is 7 years young. April of 2012 he was riding his bike in the driveway, and now Oct. 13, he can’t see, can’t hear hardly at all, and is having a hard time keeping his balance. It’s already too late for a bone marrow transplant. And we all know the end result! I’m very sorry to hear about Aidan and I hope you have success in getting Aidan’s Law passed in the US. We live in Ontario Canada. Only a couple of years ago, our little Grandson Sam Tobias was riding on the back of my motorcycle with me. Now I know he’ll never get to ride a motorcycle, atv, or anything else. All could have been prevented if proper screening had been provided at birth. Maybe Aiden and Sam will be riding buddies in Heaven!

    “At best, life is short. At worst, it’s very short. But it’s always Too Short!” JT

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