Nov. 3rd Aidan Has a Posse Art Auction Recap.


On Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 2011 a historic Art Benefit went down in lower Manhattan at the Wooster St. Social Club to help raise money for the financial burden of the Seeger Family of Brooklyn. If you are not familiar with the story behind theinception of Aidan Has a Posse, it is catch phrase that was created to show support of Aidan Jack Seeger, a blue eyed seven-year-old boy who this past June was diagnosed with a rare brain disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).
Since then the Seeger’s have been thrown into a roller coaster of events in search of a cure for their son.  Following 4th of July weekend the family packed their bags and relocated to Duke University where Aidan underwent a series of grueling medical procedures. On July 21, 2011 Aidan’s 7th Birthday, he had received his first bone marrow transplant. Today Aidan is still at Duke University going through recovery procedures with experimental medications with no known results or side effects. It is no secret these kinds of situations become overwhelmingly costly and can be crippling to a working class family, not to mention there is never any guarantee at the end of this emotional nightmare.  Aware of the situation and the family’s struggle, a few of the Seeger’s friends who are closely linked to street art community in NYC as well as other respectable artists from around the world decided to organize a benefit where 100% of the proceeds would go right to Aidan’s bills. The support for the cause was immediately evident, from artists offering work, to the Wooster St. Social Club donating their space for the event, to DJ DB providing music for the event free of charge, to Heineken stepping up at the 11th hour and delivering cases and cases of product. Aidan’s situation clearly struck a cord in the hearts of everyone who heard the story and each person committed to do whatever they could to show that they where part of Aidan’s Posse and down for the cause. The support that was received over the past few months demonstrated that this event indeed was going to prove to be something special. COPE 2, ROSTARR,  EWOKONE, PAT REDDING, VIVA VAN STORY, STEVEN ” ESPO” POWERS, MARK ” JICK” WALLS, TONY ” SUB” CURANAJ,RICHIE ” SEEN” MIRANDO, CLAY PATRICK MCBRIDE, KOSTAS SEREMETIS, ANDRE’ MALCOLM, PAUL ST. SAVAGE, GREG LEMARCHE, JEFF DECKER, TODD ” REAS” JAMES, GLEN SERN, JOE RUSSO, DAVID UHL, MAST IMOK, and ANTONIO CELLINI were the artists on the auction block for the evening whose art was sold to the highest bidder. In the end approximately $10,000 was raised from the art sales made that evening, as well as the sale of AIDAN HAS A POSSE T-shirts, and rubber wristbands. Here are a few images from the evening courtesy of Joe Russo, and T.C.Weaver who where on site Thursday photo documenting the event.
A special Thank You goes out to Chino BYI, Caroline McConnaughey at Wooster Street Social Club, Joe Russo, DJ DB, Sherry at Indian Larry, Liz Magri, Mel D. Cole at Heineken and all of the artists who gave artwork. The event wouldn’t have happened if not for you guys. Thank you all.
Aidan’s Posse FTW!



Here’s some more images on SACRED STITCH.

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