Chino BYI and friends for Aidan.

So everybody check it out, this past week we found out that a Brooklyn Graffiti Artist and Publisher CHINO BYI has been on his own mission to round up other artists from around the globe as well as NYC and has asked them to create something in the vein of   “AIDAN HAS A POSSE”. Now mind you, none of these artists have ever met Aidan but where kind enough to get on board for the cause, so to us this was an incredible gesture that has left us pretty speechless. Below is a link to the BLOG that CHINO has set up with about 2 full pages of art all dedicated to AIDAN.  Please bookmark it and continue to check in to see new additions.  Also we (the Posse) will be having a Benefit Art Auction / Gallery event in Soho in early Nov. at the Wooster Street Social Club, also known as NY INK as far as the T.V. Show is concerned, they have been gracious enough to let us use their space for a night to raise some money and invite an incredibly eclectic list of some truly inspirational and world renown artists all coming together for AIDAN….  So be sure to check back for that info, but for now check out CHINO’s Project!  Click HERE


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1 Response to Chino BYI and friends for Aidan.

  1. Angela Cutolo says:

    Just clicked on Chino’s project. What incredible art work. The colors are vibrant. The art work dynamic. What a heartwarming tribute to Adian Jack, our hero. The vibes are so positive.
    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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