Buckcherry AIDAN Benefit Recap.

Keith in a zone w/ the Auctioned guitar that he customized specifically for AIDAN, based off of the Poster print made by artist EWOKONE.

Check the RED wrist bands….

What a night!  An incredible turn out at a great spot.  Check the Drummer, definitely down with Aidan’s Posse! With PRIDE!


So these pics are 100% JOE RUSSO, an incredible photographer who came to the show in support and is an AIDAN HAS A POSSE member. Be sure to check his site to get an idea what this guy does. Click HERE

Here’s some non pro pics I took.

The auctioned Guitar again, and Dave bein’ a Roady..


All your Aidan Merch.

Phone in hand on the texts….

Overall it was an amazing evening and we can’t thank everyone involved enough who helped make it all become a reality.  There was definitely a sh*t load of love in the house. And it was all for a lil’ boy with Blue Eyes and his Mom and Dad  who we’re all rooting for.  Hang tough and stay tuned!


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1 Response to Buckcherry AIDAN Benefit Recap.

  1. Tina says:

    American Woman Riders is having a raffle for Aidan. Check out our facebook link.
    Every dollar will help. Thanks!

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